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Debt Relief is Personal.

We Can Help.

CreditHelpers is in partnership with Legacy Auto Credit and many Ontario trustee firms to provide debt relief and rebuild your credit.  We will provide a FREE consultation to review your current debt situation and provide options to deal with your debt.  

The Credit Helpers team have countless years of experience tackling a wide range of debt issues.  We offer free consultations and do not require that you commit to our recommendation.  CreditHelpers provides this complimentary service courtesy of Legacy Auto Credit.  Legacy Auto Credit realizes that many people struggling with debt are doing so because of a vehicle.  Legacy Auto Credit provides all kinds of financing solutions including their own in-house program with rates starting from 8.9% OAC for people entering a Consumer Proposal or a Bankruptcy.  If your situation is best dealt with a Consumer Proposal or a Bankruptcy, CreditHelpers will refer you to a trustee in your area. There are no additional fees to you for this service.

We will also coordinate with Legacy Auto Credit to start the approval process to ensure you have a vehicle picked out prior to your Consumer Proposal or Bankruptcy.