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How Can You Help Me with 
Buying a Car with Bad Credit?

CreditHelpers offers simple car loans to people who have no credit or less than perfect credit. Our Guide to Buying a Car with Bad Credit will help give you a one-stop solution to financial freedom. This helpful guide provides the resources you need to understand and rebuild credit.

Inside Our Free Guide You’ll Find:

  1. Know What To Expect
  2. Understanding Your Credit  
  3. Know What You Can Afford
  4. Find a Reliable Dealer
  5. The Importance of Pre-Approval 
  6. Must Know Tips
  7. Working with CreditHelpers

How Are You Able to Provide Auto Loans?

Simply put our partner Legacy Auto Credit makes the decisions. You won’t be put through a rigid computer system with no human interaction. Legacy Auto Credit works with our customers and grant approvals directly being they are the finance company. 

In the event that you need a vehicle we are able to arrange  a great selection of newer low-kilometer vehicles. Fair rates and our internal team provides us the ability to stay away from the older vehicles you might typically be forced to choose from with other companies. We then report your timely payments to the credit bureau which will over time improve your credit score. We are here to help and to put as many Canadians into fair loans and great cars as possible.

How Can You Help Improve My Credit Score?

Firstly we strive to provide you with a fair and reasonable payment, one that you can afford and that fits your budget and allows you to make timely payments. These timely payments are reported to the credit bureau which will over time improve your credit score. We know that if you have a payment history that is on time you will improve your score. 

We can help you achieve this goal in the following ways:

  • low-kilometer vehicles 
  • the right vehicle at the right price
  • fair auto loan rates 
  • flexible term options 
  • 3 to 5 years
  • reporting your timely payment to the credit bureau
  • payments that are reasonable and affordable
  • partnerships with our own vehicle dealers which enables us to access a large inventory of options
  • a team that is knowledgeable on other debt
  • restructuring paths including proposals and bankruptcy
  • delivery of the vehicle right to your doorstep

How Much Can I Get Pre-Approved For?

Every person has a unique situation and we strive to provide the sensible amount needed to get you on your way. If it’s a vehicle that you need we are committed to providing you with the best vehicle at a fair price and that’s affordable for you. Your budget and your ability to pay are dependent on a number of factors but our promise is that we will be open minded, flexible and non judgmental of the momentary financial ups and downs you may have had in the past.

Why Should I Use CreditHelpers?

To get the right credit product or vehicle loan at accessible rates in a timely fashion.

CreditHelpers is accessible and is readily available to discuss with you any of your credit or vehicle financing needs regardless of your current or past credit history. We provide a simple process that combines fair financing with great vehicle selection done internally with our own team.

How Long Does the Process Take?

We are always happy to work with trade ins, even if you still owe money on your vehicle. Also, there are many instances where we are able to use your trade in as a down payment to help lower your monthly payments.

Can This Build My Credit?

If you have a fair and affordable payment we know that you will make the payments in a timely manner. This is key as we want to report this to the credit bureau on your behalf which will improve your credit score over time. Making ontime payments is key to the success of your credit score. 

Do You Take Trade-Ins?

Yes we can work with you to trade-in your current vehicle. If you have value in your current vehicle we will use this equity wisely to help you get in a better and newer vehicle or in some instances lower your monthly payments.

I’m in Bankruptcy or Have Been; Can You Still Help Me?

Yes, we can help people who are currently or have previously been in bankruptcy. We help people in all financial situations. A bankruptcy could require a bit more time to get you financed but we are here to help make it happen and to explore all your financing options.

Do I Need a Down-Payment?

We do not always require a down-payment but if you can afford one it’s a great way to lower your monthly payments. We will discuss the possibility of a down payment but only if you can afford one and it makes sense.

Do I Have To do a Credit Check?

Yes, we will do a credit check. You are in safe hands and we won’t judge you harshly for any momentary credit issues that you have had in the past. We do a credit check so we can have a full financial overview and can help you to improve your credit score in the future. 

What is a Home Equity Loan or Second Mortgage?

If you are a homeowner and want or need to borrow money it’s possible that a home equity loan or second mortgage could be a good option. You’ll need to have equity in your home which means that the assessed value of your home is greater than your current mortgage. Start the process and we will connect you with our financial partner who will help you with this product. 

How Can We Help You with Your Other Debt Issues?

Yes we can help you with a wide variety of your debt issues. We have a number of partnerships with quality companies that can assist you. Our representatives will take the time to listen to your overall financial situation and help you with our own lending products if you need a vehicle or introduce you to others. We can potentially help you with second mortgages or other secured loans, consumer proposals or even bankruptcy if that is the right solution for you. We do this all in a non judgmental way as we know life can throw you a curveball at times.  If it’s a difficult time we are here to help.

Can I Get a Car Loan After a Repossession?

Yes, at CreditHelpers we understand that a repossession is usually the result of an uncontrollable event or situation. Many of our clients have had a previous repossession or will be returning their vehicle to the bank when filing a bankruptcy or consumer proposal.

Will This Help Me Build My Credit?

Yes, if you make your payments on time. Legacy Auto Credit reports your payment history to Equifax monthly.  Over time with on time payments your score will increase.

What is In-House Financing/Leasing?

At Credit Helpers we provide In-House Financing/Leasing.  This means that we provide the funds and then you pay us back.  We can look at your credit situation on a personal level and determine your ability to make payments even if you have bad credit.  We make the final decision on the approval which results in more approvals and better rates.  Our interest rates for Consumer Proposal and Bankruptcy customers start at 7.99% oac on new cars.

What if I Have Been Turned Down Before?

We see many people that have been previously turned down due to several reasons which have included, poor payment history, not enough time on the job, too much debt and non-garnishable income.   With our In-House program we look at your income, expenses and debts that would be causing the turn downs and provide you with solutions to get you driving and rebuilding your credit.

If I Have Filed a Bankruptcy or Consumer Proposal, Can I still Qualify?

Yes, at Legacy Auto Credit our In-House program was created for bankruptcy and consumer proposal customers.  If you are about to file or have already filed and are not discharged, you can still qualify for our low rate in-house program.  We work with several trustees who see that we truly offer low rates and want you to succeed in rebuilding your credit.  If you are about to file we will work with you to secure a vehicle before filing so that you can be confident in returning your current vehicle that has too much negative equity, has too high of payment or doesn’t suit your needs anymore.  We also report your payments to Equifax which will help re-establish your credit score.

How Can I Reach You?

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