Auto Loans

We’ve Got you Covered

At Legacy Auto Credit, we specialize in rebuilding our client’s credit through low-interest car loans. If your credit is preventing you from getting into a reliable vehicle, book a free consultation with one of our credit experts to get started!

Improve your Credit Score

Our goal is to transform our clients’ financial lives by improving their credit scores, allowing lenders and credit card companies to consider them low-risk. We achieve this goal by getting our clients into the right vehicle to restore their credit score.

CreditHelpers offers:

  • Low-kilometre vehicles, so you can drive a reliable vehicle and make low payments
  • Industry-leading auto loan rates — we’ll never charge you 20-30% rates like other creditors
  • 2-5 year term options
  • Reports to Equifax, to ensure that your credit rating improves over the term
  • Detailed plans to help you rebuild your credit

  • Partnerships with dealer groups, to provide you with a large selection of vehicles to meet your needs
  • Expert staff to help with debt-restructuring through proposals and bankruptcy
  • Multi-point vehicle inspections, to help reduce the chance of unexpected repair costs
  • 30 Day Exchange
  • Free Delivery

Application and Approval is Easy – Here’s How:


Our application and approval process have been designed to help you get the auto financing you need as quickly as possible. Whether you’re looking for a first-time car loan or upgrading to a newer model, at Legacy Auto Credit we give you the freedom to borrow for the car you want within your budget. Apply online in just three minutes and get a decision within 24 hours.

2. Approval

Our consultative approach to financing will guide you through the credit rebuilding process and help you rebuild your credit with an auto loan.

3. Drive Away

After your approval, you can drive away in your vehicle that day if you’d like! Thanks to our super simple process, we will get your approved and driving in no time, so you can get back to living the life you want through rebuilding your credit.