Second Mortgages

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Opportunity Over Circumstance

We’ve been helping people set up home equity loans for 50 years now. If you’ve been turned away by the bank for a loan in Canada, we can help you find the financing you need.

Home equity loans are the fastest and easiest way to get money from your home regardless of your age, income, or credit history. We can approve your home equity loan in as little as 24 hours and can get you the funding you need in a few days.

Application and Approval is Easy – Here’s How:

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What Is a Home Equity Loan or Home Equity Mortgage? 

A loan from CreditHelpers is simply a mortgage against your property or any other real estate you may elect to use. At CreditHelpers, we provide real estate owners with a variety of financing options; including first, second and, in certain cases, third mortgages. You can borrow for needs such as home renovation, debt consolidation, starting a business, college tuition and more.

Chances are the value of your home has increased since you bought it. At CreditHelpers, a home equity loan can get you access to money based on the increased market value.

How a Home Equity Loan Works

First, calculate how much equity you have in your home or real estate. Once you’ve determined your equity value, you could gain access to a portion of that equity within a short period of time. Use the following equation to calculate how much home equity you have.

How Credit Ratings Don’t Work

Credit ratings are designed to do one single thing – rank consumers based on their level of risk to a lender. However, the credit rating system isn’t perfect. The parameters of how credit is scored are very narrow – based on if you pay your credit card bills on time, if you’re a homeowner, if you’re employed. What credit ratings don’t take into account are most external factors – such as if you purposely don’t have credit cards to avoid taking on debt or you’re successfully self-employed – even though some of them make you more likely to pay back your loan on time.

What You Can Use Loan Proceeds For

Debt Consolidation

If you’re overwhelmed with credit card debt, debt from investments, and other forms of debt, it’s possible to consolidate all your debt into lower monthly payments.

Home Renovation

Upgrading your kitchen, bathroom, basement, or any other room in your home can be feasible with a home equity loan. We focus on your home’s current appraisal value.

Business Capital

Raising capital through seeking investors isn’t always simple. With the services we have to offer, we can work to get you anything from $50,000 upward.


Even if you don’t have the funds readily available to take a vacation, we can help you travel the world or simply relax on a beach somewhere just to get away from the everyday hustle and bustle.